What is #OrderTogether?

We keep offices across the city fueled & productive with delicious food.

Our Story

The best meals are meant for sharing - not scarfing down alone at a desk. #OrderTogether was created just for that purpose. We believe that when employees connect with each other, they work better, and great things can happen - Be it a small pizza or platefuls of biryani; everyone is happy.

So in 2017, we created a platform where offices and businesses can register to get their employees to gather around a shared meal. Our aim was to make this platform simple and easy to use.

We believe that #OrderTogether will change the way offices and business order food for any occasion, from early-morning meetings to working late - and everything in between.

We believe that #OrderingTogether will be changing the way offices order food for every occasion - from early-morning meetings to working-late-before-a-big-deadline dinners, and everything in between.